Saturday, 11 June 2011

One Week Later

Well, I am one week into recover from Spinal Surgery. It was the pits. 2 new metal rods replaced, plus screws, plus new rod at the bottom, plus a bone graft. That hurt the most. Recovery....well I'm off work for 3 months at the moment, hence signing up to do a Crochet Diploma.
I enrolled a couple of weeks before surgery and sent off the first 4 samples the day before I went into hospital. The way I crochet is a lot different from other people and from the way Pauline teaches her students and I was worried incase I would have to change the way I hold the hook and yarn, hence my need to send something off quick. The good thing though, is that I can hold the yarn and the hook however I like, providing my crochet is up to standard.
The results came back in the post today!!! Not good..... well, not bad but I just didn't read the instructions properly!!!!. How stupid of me. The first sample said it was to be a network of chain and slip stitch. I did a network of chain and treble!!!. How silly of me not to have read it properly!!!. The second sample was "very good indeed"!! Hooray. The third and fourth sample, which have to be resubmitted with the first one, was a really, really silly mistake. I had to send in a square of trebles and a square of trebles between the stitches. I did them, perfectly, my rush to get them off before hospital, I didn't do squares! They were both rectangles. I couldn't believe my stupidity.
Pauline's letter was very nice, and she understood my need for hurrying, but how silly of me, not to have just read the instructions more clearly. So now, I am redoing 3 of the samples and making them perfect. I hope to re-send them off during the week for re-marking. The moral of my story.......READ, READ, READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS.

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