Thursday, 23 June 2011

2 weeks later

Feelings, slightly more human. I can walk further, which is lovely, I just get worried that I'll walk too far and won't be able to get back home!!!
The dressings are off my back and although it feels very uncomfortable its not really very painful now.
I sent off the squares that are now squares but weren't to start with!!!! and they came back with brilliant marks. Pauline was very complimentary about them, I had an excellent and 2 very good indeed remarks.
Waiting in a brown padded bag are now another 5 squares to go off for marking. Double trebles, triple trebles, quadruple trebles, raised treble rib and double crochet rib. It was a joy to make them. I wanted to carry on to the next lot but thought I'd better get these marked first in case I have to re do any of them. I feel fairly confident about them.
I have crocheted a baby outfit for a friend of mine, a scented heart and a set of cd coasters, oh and a couch cover tissue box. The tissue box was lovely and I'm in the middle of making another one now. I may give them as xmas presents.

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